WAVNet is all about technical service after the sale, not just taking orders for our brand partners. Building upon 25 years of technical sales WAVNet continues on with the tradition with Prism Sound and Qualis Audio products.

Prism Sound has certainly taken the lead in audio test and measurement with a hardware systems that moves far beyond conventional "canned" test methods. The beauty of the Prism system is truely unlimited customization. THIS is where our WAVNet team steps in to help the customer with true value added audio test solutions.

Qualis Audio has developed a signal monitoring system for professonal broadcasters which enables total control over the broadcast audio monitoring. Working with TV, Radio, and cable broadcasting firms, WAVNet is able to help fit the Qualis processors into the signal chain like slipping into a new business suit.



Prism Sound Audio Test and Measurement Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital audio test solutions for 25 years. The solutions we provide contain the highest performing audio test products available, backed up by consultancy and support services recognised as the best in the industry. Prism Sound not only manufactures high quality audio test equipment, but also has a wealth of experts who can provide the support you need to help you throughout the product development and manufacturing cycle. The benefit of this approach is that you can develop your R&D, verification and production tests in parallel, leading to a significant reduction in your time to market.

Designed for faster more flexible testing The dScope Series III is the fastest and most powerful audio test solution available for production line / QC testing applications. With the capacity to measure over 100 audio parameters simultaneously, and with advanced FFT-based analysis tools including multi-tone testing and impulse response analysis, dScope Series III helps you increase your throughput and ensure that you are shipping fault-free product.

Pro-Audio test from a pro-audio manufacturer The dScope Series III platform has established itself as the instrument of choice for many of the world's leading manufacturers and designers of professional audio equipment, from surround sound microphones to multi-channel consoles, USB & Firewire audio interfaces, PA loudspeaker systems and much more besides. Prism Sound's audio test and measurement solutions were originally conceived to enable Prism Sound to design and manufacture the highest quality, reference-grade studio recording interfaces, and now they are used worldwide to help other manufacturers and designers to produce their own products. No other audio test and measurement system allows engineers to test their products more thoroughly or faster.

Prism SoundComprehensive automotive audio testing Prism Sound's audio test solutions are ideally suited to automotive test applications, from product design right through to production line QC testing. The systems offer a complete suite of audio measurement tools, enabling all components of your In Car Entertainment (ICE) system to be tested using a single instrument. For example, dScope allows you to test all of the following, and more: Analogue and digital audio inputs / outputs, including board-level serial digital audio interfaces (I2S etc.) Power amplifiers (with options for multi-channel switching and filters for Class-D amplifiers) RDS functionality (see below) CD / DVD / Blu-ray drives, including Dolby Digital & DTS decoder testing DSPs; EQ, dynamics, crossovers, noise cancellation etc. Bluetooth audio interfaces Electroacoustic testing for drive units

Test Bluetooth Audio directly! Prism Sound's dScope Series III audio test system is the world's only electronic and acoustic test system capable of directly addressing Windows® audio devices. This enables you to route test signals directly between dScope III and your PC's Bluetooth chipset or your EUT's USB dongle. This direct connection between test system and Bluetooth device gives you immediate access to the unique dScope III feature set for your Bluetooth system tests, including sweeps, regulation, Smart FFT detectors, live measurement traces, multi-tone analysis, automation for QC applications, and much more. One of the major advantages of using dScope Series III for Bluetooth testing is that it removes the need for any time consuming generation / analysis of wave files in external software.

Headphone monitoring is no longer enough Tracking down audio problems in a broadcast chain is more challenging today than ever before. The tried and true methods for analogue signal chains no longer apply. The dScope and DSA-1 were uniquely designed in conjunction with major broadcasters and their standards organizations with this in mind. They incorporate measurement capabilities not found on any other instrument. Built-in automated analysis tools like a watchdog event logger to detect and catch those troublesome clicks and pops and then ways to look at and examine the digital stream provide capabilities not found on any other instrument. The dScope, which is intended for bench work, provides a complete set of tools for both analogue and digital testing including our exclusive Smart FFT™ Detectors that go far beyond the usual battery of audio measurements afforded by other instruments. The DSA-1 battery operated portable instrument is built tough and outfitted with displays and controls suited for use anywhere in your chain, including remotely, making it the top choice in a hand-held instrument by broadcasters, broadcast integrators and broadcast manufacturers in the world today.

Prism SoundDesign it, model it and analyse it! Prism Sound is the world's only company that offers complete system modelling and analysis capabilities for acoustic transducer design. The LOUDSOFT suite of software modelling packages enables the engineer to design and model a complete loudspeaker - from motor and soft parts of a transducer through the enclosure and cross-over design. The dScope Series III Audio Analyzer is the world's only instrument that can analyze a complete electro-acoustic system including its loudspeaker, microphone, integrated analogue and digital amplifiers, A/D and D/A converters, and Windows® audio communication link (including USB and Bluetooth).

Multiple tests for multi-channel, multi-source, multi-format multi-media. Prism Sound provides audio measurement solutions for the complete spectrum of ever-diversifying consumer audio and home entertainment products. From product design right through to production line, the dScope Series III test and measurement platform provides comprehensive test routines for everything from portable media players to Bluetooth speakers, from portable FM and digital radios to reference-quality home cinema systems, from noise cancelling headphones to mobile telephones. Testing an FM receiver? No problem - just connect dScope's analogue output to an FM exciter, and not only can you measure the RF receiver performance, but with a powerful feature unique to Prism Sound, you can also evaluate the RDS decoder performance at the same time as measuring the audio quality!

Prism SoundAll the standard stuff, and then... There are all the usual audio measurements such as frequency response, THD+N and we can do them with calibrated precision. But what if you want to go beyond them. Way beyond. What if you wanted to plot the probability distribution of the amplitude of digital audio sample points in a radio broadcast advert and compare them with the same broadcast during the news and while playing music? What if you wanted to know the ratio of the odd order harmonics of a sine wave to the even order harmonics? What if you wanted to see the impulse response of a digital reverb? What if you wanted to know how much jitter your AES3 interface can take before it loses lock? What if you wanted your unattended analyzer located at a remote site to email you with measurement results if it detected a multi-tone test signal on a radio link? What if you wanted it to automatically create a hierarchical web site detailing over 3000 measurements of all the inputs routed to all the outputs of a large scale mixing console?

Protect your sound! Prism Sound's dScope Series III platform delivers a complete suite of audio test solutions for designers and manufacturers of electronic musical instruments and their associated accessories and signal processors. From guitar distortion pedals and amplifiers to synthesizers, drum machines and signal processors, dScope Series III is used by many of the world's leading musical instrument manufacturers to design and produce their legendary products. Make sure your designs work right.

The Prism audio test and measurement options are nearly endless - think of it and we can do it!


LThe Qualis Audio processor provides a remarkable signal monitoring system. The capabilities are truly unequalled.

Comprehensive audio QoE
The Qualis Audio Sentinel surround sound audio monitor measures, monitors and logs loudness and virtually every other parameter necessary to ensure optimum audio reaches your viewers. The electronic equivalent of a human listener, it operates unattended, eliminating continuous aural checks by skilled listeners. This unique ability significantly reduces personnel requirements, and attendant cost, while improving the consistency of audio monitoring.

QualisNotification and logging
When problems are found the Sentinel can send problem specific notifications via email, contact closures or audible alarms. All measurements, alarms and logs are accessible via its network connection using a standard web browser. The Sentinel logs all measured parameters. It can be configured to preserve this data as a continuous measurement history in your long-term storage repository.

Dual Stream™ loudness measurement
The Sentinel measures loudness to the latest ITU-R BS.1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 standards, ensuring compliance with eventual CALM Act measurement and logging requirements. Patent-pending Dual Stream technology measures interleaved commercial and program segments – when pausing the loudness measurement on a program, it automatically performs a separate loudness measurement of the commercials.

Loudness and QA Forensics™ toolbox
The Loudness and QA Forensics toolbox is a comprehensive set of tools to investigate loudness exceptions and QoE issues. Selected segments of logged data may be analyzed, compared and contrasted, all within the main user interface. Standards compliant loudness measurements may be obtained over any user selected segments. The same displays employed when measuring and reporting errors in real-time are used for logged data.

QualisQuantitative metrics
Using patent-pending technology, quantitative downmix analysis identifies stereo and mono downmix issues using objective quality criteria (such as how many dB individual mix elements may change when downmixed).This eliminates the need to monitor or interpret graphical displays, and allows automatic generation of alarms. Other parameters the Sentinel measures include channel balance, hum, channel reversal, channel interchange, dead channels and digital interface errors. AES, SDI and Dolby Digital metadata are displayed and analyzed using patent-pending technology to detect intra- and interchannel errors and inconsistencies. The Sentinel proves compliance with the CALM Act, and delivers a competitive advantage in improved viewer audio QoE.